Howard Rotavator model AS / AF

If you have something for sale or you want to buy please place it here..
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Howard Rotavator model AS / AF

Post by rmtalbany » Sat Nov 23, 2019 2:44 pm

Howard-AS-AF-forFordtractor-pnslvn-ebay2019nov23b.jpg (45.27 KiB) Viewed 970 times
Howard-AS-AF-forFordtractor-pnslvn-ebay2019nov23a.jpg (89.74 KiB) Viewed 970 times

hello all,
this Rotavator has been for sale for several months,
yes sure it says it is for a Ford, not Fergy, but this model is very similar to the original Howard Fergy / Ford 'Dearborn' tractors Hoe.

link: ... 3893131986" onclick=";return false;

eBay item number:273893131986

the link etc wont last forever, so a couple of pics for posterity included here.
in my not-so-humble opinion, it would be great if someone with both a Grey Fergy and Howard hoe, and an old Ford could buy this machine to add to your implements collection, they would look good side by side at shows, being same but not quite, for 'spot the difference' display.

after reading about a Model AC ages ago, it was several years before a decent document about it appeared,
Rotavator Trash Mulch Farming brochure, USA 1956, HR Co Inc. Form 120.
this Form 120 is an eight page booklet about Rotavators and Rotavation, listing USA machines for 1956.
Models A and EM are tractor mounted by Three Point Linkage,
Models E and H are trailing, attached to an A-frame trailer with pneumatic tyres.
A models are lighter weight than same width E models, and are suitable for the smaller half of the tractors listed as suitable for the EM models, plus a couple of even smaller tractors.

now we possibly have an actual machine which seems to be in good condition, and it has the original owners manual! note it is a 'tractor attachment' type, not 3PL, so for all i know the rotavator might be a D Series, but with a 'wrong' Model-A book. seller has not responded to 2 messages 3 months ago, asking for details, but has now lowered his asking price a lot. if somebody here buys this, please put lots of info about it here, and scan the manual and add it to the downloads, it is the only one in existence that i know of.

cheers Rodney.

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Re: Howard Rotavator model AS / AF

Post by Grunt » Sat Nov 23, 2019 5:42 pm

From here it looks the same as my Howard rotavator but with a conversion plate on the PTO mounting, it’s also got a different attachment bar to mine. These will be the bits that Make it specific to Ford.

Dunno if you’ve found this thread about the Howard rotavator.

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