"...and now for something completely different..."

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"...and now for something completely different..."

Postby Hal Mercier » Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:35 am

....well, not COMPLETELY different, as it may just be linked to the "Coffee Incident" I reported here back in November of 2017.


Nobody has been able to come up with a convincing explanation of that bit of weirdness so far.

I have intended to go and see the 94 year old French couturier who sold me the Moulin I'm restoring, to see if the room the Incident occurred in has had a history of mass coffee-bean roasting, or whether the fact that two of us witnessed the room suddenly fill with the unmistakable smell of roasting fresh coffee means anything at all to her, in the light of her own history with the building.
She lived there as a girl, and then she and her husband, who did a lot of stonework on it, used it in the summer for decades till he died a few years back.

Anyway, this is the latest odd little detail...

Since The French Tart moved in, I've taken some precautions because I detest owl-shite. It's very hard to remove from paintwork, as it seems to have the consistency of plaster of Paris...and I reckon the owl that used to live in the barn part of the Mill was a big producer....it left phenomenal amounts, dropped off the crossbeams, and though I think it moved out when I laid the concrete floor, it certainly used to come back at night while taking a break from hunting, to use the place as a public convenience.

So I recently blocked up the only possible access hole, in the gable end. The second one turned out to have a chicken-wire grille anyway.

Then about a week ago, I swept the floor so all the huge 'pellets' were in one pile.

After the unfortunate petrol related problem, I'd left the Fergy parked diagonally in the barn.

Yesterday while there I cut the grass and after parking the ride-on mower, went over to check something on the Fergy and noticed something small lying on the immaculately swept concrete.

Picked it up and was surprised to find it was a small blue glass crucifix! I think it's quite old....there are signs of verdigris on the brass, or bronze attachment loop,and it's quite a crude looking manufacturing method. It's definitely not a mass produced thing out of a mould, I'd say not that I know anything much about glass making.

I haven't cleaned the cross at all....note small amount of dirt on the upper surfaces, as if it's been hanging, but no chain wear on the link.

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Initially I reckoned it had somehow been picked up by the tractor tread, or the ride on tread, but in fact due to lack of mud on the cross, and on the Fergy treads, that's impossible.

The ride on hadn't been near that part of the barn floor anyway.

My French neighbour is the only person to have been in the barn sice I swept the floor, so I asked him if he'd dropped it and he had never seen it before. He suggested my wife....who was there the day I blocked the owl hole.
I asked her, she's never seen it before either...

So....either someone has a double of the key, or, (most likely to appeal to a rationalist materialist sceptic) my roofer buddy dropped it when he was on the roof for an hour late last year.

Or, my 94 year old vendor dropped it in her youth, while up there helping her dad shuffle Roman tiles around, as we regularly need to do, one summer in about 1940. Could have been up there all that time, getting moved by the roofer slightly and then finally reaching tipping-point when a windy night eventually brought it down.

So....next stop the roofer and then I guess I will have to go and ask the vendor.
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Re: "...and now for something completely different..."

Postby Grunt » Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:48 am

The possibility of a Douglas Adams type worm hole in the space time continuum needs to be discussed.
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Re: "...and now for something completely different..."

Postby Hiawatha » Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:09 pm

Charles Fort would call it an ' Apport ' Hal .
It looks vaguely familiar , somewhat like the little glass weights used to hold down the linen doilies used to cover milk , cream or cheese in glass jugs and indeed sacrificial wine in chalices in Church . Either that or a charm from a bracelet .
Best guess for its appearance would be that it was resting on one of the beams the Owl roosted on and if not dislodged by him then by a passing rodent .

As far a the ' coffee' goes it could just be a regular everyday manifestation of a haunting . Nothing too unusual in that. In 1979 I lived in an old bakery , I was good friends with the young American couple who lived in what remained of an old pub next door but before I knew them well they complained many times about my ' Pipe smoke ' pervading their lounge room . There were no other houses close by so they just assumed that I was smoking some rough and heavy tobacco and that somehow the smoke was making its way into their house. I've never smoked , well I did but I never inhaled :wink: Certainly not some shag that an old sailor would smoke . Some years later they left , the smell drove them mad and upset their new child , locals spoke of old Robbo a crotchety retired fisherman who died in that very room and who was known for smoking tobacco that reeked .
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Re: "...and now for something completely different..."

Postby Hal Mercier » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:23 pm

That's a great tale, Hiawatha. I'm inclined to think it has to be something along these lines, there being not a trace of a 'rational explanation' in sight.

In fact I have had some previous experience of an apport....unbelievably, it happened while I was carefully restoring a ramp of 4 Keihin 1976 carbs for a Honda GL1000.

As this can only be done successfully in a highly disciplined way, with every tiny part placed lovingly in specially numbered small boxes, the whole operation dictated on a DVD from the maestro in America Randall Washington, it was very clear that a spare part had mysteriously appeared in the 'big bits' box.

The piece was a float-valve clip, a tiny stainless steel thing.

I reported this incident in detail, with photos, on the American Old Goldwing site, http://www.NGWclub forum, and a surprising number of people mailed me privately saying "Yup, something similar happened to me...."


I think 'reality' has a superb sense of humour! :mrgreen:
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